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Author Topic: Galactic Strongholds - Swtor 3.0 (guild & player housing)  (Read 897 times)

March 19, 2014, 02:56:08 PM

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For Jaz:

They released more info on player housing, which'll be in their august expac. You can choose a house or 'stronghold' on your faction's capital world, or among the high rollers in Nar Shadda (think of galactic Las Vegas). The Nar Shadda house is valued at 1.5 million credits, and early subcribers will get that for free, along with cartel coins to celebrate May 4th.

You can craft furniture and display trophies obtained in battle.

This expac will also feature a legacy bank, which means every alt on your server will have access to a shared bank you control.

They also announced Guild Capital Ships, which is essentially guild housing. No PVP between guild houses at this time.

I'm intrigued... I'll also have to watch a newborn when this comes out, but you bet I'll be high rolling in the casino when I'm not changing diapers.