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Author Topic: Galactic Starfighter - SWTOR 2.5  (Read 865 times)

February 13, 2014, 02:36:52 PM

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Winter is here. So I've been hibernating on Hoth and checking out their second expansion. The game reminds me of Burning Crusade with more PVP options. There's still lots to have polished, but there's quite a bit already done.

Found out their weekly events involve a Bounty Hunt quest where you can capture or kill a target for cash and reputation. I think there's a zombie/rakghoul reoccuring event, and a PVP centric one on Ilum.

The new Galactic Starfighter space missions are neat. It's a dogfighting space sim PVP match, where you pick a spaceship and capture objectives. You're always in motion because Star Wars physics. You can upgrade your ship, your crew, paint jobs, etc. The difference between this and the older space missions is that you're not on rails and you're fighting against other players.

They also have something I imagine WoW will copy down the line - a role-neutral dungeon. You don't need a the holy trinity of a tank, a healer & DPS for this series of dungeons. You can finish it in a group of all healers, or all DPS or whatever. Plus, the bosses are random, kinda like the boss in the Kharazan basement.

It's not a wow replacement, but it's decent fun.