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Title: Dynamic Events
Post by: Jazrael on August 06, 2012, 12:00:10 PM
Where previous systems reset and start again and really don't change the world, dynamic events chain and cascade across a zone and leave persistent effects in the game world after the event has ended.

article continues: (

The game will also feature tons of hidden events that require player interaction in addition to the larger ones that are readily visible and occuring openly in the game world, which should be of interest to the explorer types out there. Colin provides a quick example below:

Finding an entrance to a secret cave deep at the bottom of the ocean and removing a glowing orb from the cave could let an evil creature loose from its ancient prison and kick off a chain of events as the creature terrorizes the ocean shipping lanes. Reading the spells written on an ancient wizard's spell book in a ruined castle at the top of the highest mountain peak could open a portal to another world and trigger a chain of events as creatures from that world come through the portal.