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Title: contacts
Post by: arabeth on August 21, 2012, 09:04:03 AM
i've only messed with the contacts/friends feature a little bit, and the wiki page is basically useless: (

it seems like the "person" you add is actually the same name as someone's guildwars2 account name, or what i might call your GW2 forum name.  in other words, the name+4 random numbers name that everyone picks to be logged into the website.  is this correct?

i noticed you could also add someone's character, but what you end up getting is their character with their GW2 name after it.  if you add someone this way, do you see if they logged in with another character?  or do you only see that if you add them via their GW2 name?

in any case, seeing as how our guild has a server pretty much picked as i understand it (tarnished coast), and a name (BWS), should we also post our GW2 names so we can find and add each other quickly, or should we all just try to find/join the guild, and work it that way?  (and if so, should we post them in the guild communications area or this public forum?)  just wondering if there was a plan!  :)

also, if i join a guild on one character, does that join for all my characters?  i still can't find that info, either.

edit:  actually, i did manage to find something about that last question:  when you join a guild with one character, apparently that joins every single character.  in other words, guilds are account-based, as opposed to character-based.  contacts seem to be that way as well.
Title: Re: contacts
Post by: Jazrael on August 21, 2012, 10:57:17 AM
I'm sure we'll be on vent and will post our character names, if we want to be found..   :P