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Title: Latest Updates and Questions
Post by: Laz on December 23, 2012, 02:15:51 PM

Q: When will the server be updated to Minecraft Version 1.4.6?
A: Short answer our server will probably lag behind a month in updates. Long answer is because we run our server off of a 3rd party mod called Bukkit Craft which runs most of our plugins and modifications; it takes time to update this after the official Minecraft release as well as the plugins and mods.  To update to soon would mean we would have to run the server off beta and alpha releases and likely end up crashing quite a bit.

Q: I already updated to the next version of Minecraft and now I can't play what do I do?
A: See this post (, download the zip file and follow the instructions.  That will fix your problem.

Minecraft MMO Mod

MC MMO is installed on the server which allows you to develop skills in Mining, Swords, Bow etc. This also allows access to special abilities which get stronger and last longer the better you get at the skill.  Each Skill does different things and you can type /<skill name> to see info on that skill

Mobs Drop Loot & $ Now

Hostile mobs will now have a chance to drop $ in game as well as other loot.  I am still in the process of tweaking loot tables but currently the following is true

What does VIP status do?

There is a VIP status available in the game which I will hand out to anyone who makes a donation to the server (even if it's only $1; visit the Server Info page for a donation link)  There is no automated system for this so please let me know you made a donation (and what amount to verify) and once I see your mail I'll upgrade you.  Please bear in mind this is a donation not a subscription; once you have VIP you will not loose it or have to donate again.  This also means that what perks or abilities come with VIP may change depending on the state of the server.  Currently it comes with the following...

Currently the server has 3 Admins Myself, Jaz, & Rev (GreyLycan); if you experience any issues please let one of us know.