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Title: Voting in TF2 (How To)
Post by: Marak on August 08, 2014, 10:20:24 AM
Voting is a game feature that enables any player to call a vote to enact a change on the server. The various voting options enable players to vote on a map change, to kick a particular player or to scramble the teams. Any player can initiate a vote by clicking on the checkbox icon in the main menu. A vote type can then be selected and the vote is put to all players present in the server.

There are five types of votes that can be called:

Kick: Kick a selected player out of the server and bans the player from joining the server temporarily. The ban time is determined by the server configuration settings

RestartGame: Restarts the current round. If this comes to pass, then a notification will be given out to all players that the round will restart. A set number of seconds pass before a new round begins, neither team getting any points.

ChangeLevel: The current map changes to the selected map.

NextLevel: The next map is changed to the selected map. Unlike ChangeLevel, the current map doesn't end.

ScrambleTeams: The players are put in a random team. Note that this will immediately scramble the teams, rather than wait until the end of the round. A notification is given to all players that a scramble will commence before it happens.
Title: Re: Voting in TF2 (How To)
Post by: Orinn on August 08, 2014, 01:10:12 PM
The Vote Kick doesn't work.... I tried to vote kick Shyfti in the junk but there wasn't that option...  :o