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October 03, 2011, 01:32:14 PM

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Latest Website Changes and Updates
  • For those of you interested we will at some future date be putting up a dedicated Minecraft server, along with a Minecraft site to match ( you may have noticed the Minecraft icon on the home page )
  • Steam Tag - if you use steam you may enter your gamer tag in your profile under "Forum Profile" ( profile number seems to work better ) to display a steam game tag under your posts and in your profile that will update to indicate what your playing or if your on line
  • You will see a new icon under your avatar in posts and in your forum profile called Primary Game: by default it is set to world of warcraft. This is to indicate what game you play. If you wish to change it, it's in the profile under "Forum Profile" change Primary Game to your preference and it will change your icon to match.
  • Since we are now running several games with several guilds, there is now a Guild Master group to help identify who's running what. Guild Master usernames appear in red on the list.
  • There is now a place holder construction page for all the pages that have not yet been finished
  • As requested there is now a raiding forum under the warcraft forum
  • Youtube Videos - if you want to post a YouTube video all you have to do is copy and paste the link in your post the forum will automagicly turn it into a vido so for example all you would post would be
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