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Author Topic: WOOT LIGHTSABERS!!!!!  (Read 491 times)

November 27, 2011, 05:46:54 PM

Offline Zathos

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So my thoughts on SW:TOR;
So far this beta has been more polished bug free and playable than any other late beta i've been involved with compared to WoW, SWG and some others I'd say SWTOR could be released today.
Now for the game play;
If you ever played KoTOR then you will have a good feeling with this game right from the start. If you have played any other MMO then you already know all the key commands.
The game itself is relatively smooth and the focus is on story and character building, even the flashpoints (instances) and heroics (group quest areas) focus on story with several boss battles and a lot of trash, but everything is beatable and you never get teh sense of this will be a waste of time cause we don' t have the dps or tank speced or geared the right way and you tenfd to lose track of time while doing them with a great group because everything flows together to give you the star warsy feeling. From what I have seen there are not any open worlds where you can just explore and run around killing things.

End game itself is a little lacking because of the focus on story and not loot or gear or go beat this big boss thing a bazillion times for the right loot. At level 50, the current level cap, you can get a little bored because all there is left to do is pvp, dallies and repeatable quests, but depending on the group each instance can be a different experience especially if a group is willing to RP thier way through an encounter.

Space combat is on rails and in my opinion not that great more of a mini game to do if waiting for a raid to form. or friends to get online. you can earn easy tokens which allow you to buy ship upgrades and some gear. I do get the feeling this will be the first major overhaul.

I'll post more later.

November 27, 2011, 07:42:41 PM
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I just hope at some point they open up space combat for pvp. though the current "space" runs are pretty fun

November 27, 2011, 10:41:16 PM
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Keeping my fingers crossed for the end-game...  Hopefully level 50 will at least take quite some time to reach, right?