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Author Topic: The StormSeekers looking for Sith Guild  (Read 665 times)

December 04, 2011, 06:10:36 PM


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I've spoken to a few other members about having Stormseeker members join the Empire guild of "Shadows of Kesh", but I would like to make an official request for members of "Stormseekers" of Argent Dawn be allowed to join the Empire Sith Guild of "Shadows of Kesh".  We have a Republic Guild, "The StormSeekers" setup with currently 10-11 members and another 5-6 that will join at release.  I will maintain that guild and we will have people bouncing between it and a Sith guild, but I don't wish to maintain an Empire Guild at this time and would prefer to join up with some friends already on Empire.

If you agree, just reply with terms and conditions.  Also, I ask that you add us as adversaries, and allies for your republic guild.


December 05, 2011, 12:47:00 PM
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Offline Orinn

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Terms and Conditions:
1,000 credit membership access fee (per Person),
you buy me my first interstellar ship and speeder,
you shave your Wookie,
and a Bacon Sandwich.

(I might just make a good Smuggler yet?) hehe
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December 05, 2011, 04:33:30 PM
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While I'm certain this is fine, the guilds are locked by Bioware at the moment for deployment (at least according to the email this morning). Once Jazrael and Zathos have access to the controls again, they will try adding the ally/enemy tags. But it's possible your guild may have already been deployed on another server? I'm not sure how all this works, I've been taking a backseat role. Yay.
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December 05, 2011, 09:04:58 PM
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From what i understand, deployment doesn't happen until launch (or pre-launch), and they try to put you on the same server as your allies and adversaries, but can't garantee it.  Since we both picked RP servers and each other as Adversaries, the odds are higher we'll be on the same server at launch, if not I can make a guild on any server after launch.  The pre-preparations are so you can get ready for launch.

December 07, 2011, 02:11:57 AM
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Offline Zathos

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I'm cool with anyone joining, but as of right now i can not add any adversaries. Guild functions are locked until release so we are stuck with what we have at the moment.
The only conditions i have for joining or ally/adversary are; (in conjunction with the standard BWS rules)
1. Have fun
2. Be helpful and respectful
3. Treat others as if they were next to you and can punch you if you act a fool
4. No leet style names ie.. ipwnu, DarthXXXXX and so on. ( the game gives titles)
5. RP must be respected and anyone is welcome to learn and participate
6. Keep drama to a minimum
7. HAVE FUN IT'S A GAME!!!!!!!

December 15, 2011, 10:47:59 PM
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Setting up Characters:
 Calinthor - Jedi Counselor
 Shyle - Smuggler
 Mardreg - Sith Inquisitor
 Ruegon - Bounty Hunter
I may also make:
 Benu - Storm Trooper
 Aeriel - Jedi Knight
 Thordreg - Imperial Agent
 Calimar - Sith Warrior

I'll add Other Stormseekers to this list as i get their names.

Main - Carriva (Bounty Hunter)
Alt - Chodiss (Sith Inquisitor)
Main - Ehlron (Jedi Knight)
Alt - Telanna (Jedi Consular).

Akhenaten (Bounty Hunter)