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Author Topic: Dragon Soul LFR!  (Read 536 times)

December 06, 2011, 11:07:04 AM

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With this last patch, Blizzard released a new tool in which groups of people can queue up for a version of the new Dragon Soul raid.  The LFR version of Dragon Soul works much the same way as the heroic finder works now for 5 person dungeons. This is exciting for our guild in so many ways! 

For one, the content is easier than if you entered the raid normally.  It has a similar difficulty level as when they nerfed Blackwing Descent when Firelands came out. (Remember how we one shot Omnitron when that happened?) It does drop slightly lower item level gear than normal mode but this is inconsequential if your main goal is to see the new content.

Two, if we're short on healers or tanks it doesn't matter!  We queue with what we have and the tool fills our raid for us.  We no longer have to spam trade chat to try to fill the rest of the raid only to have people drop out too soon to get anything accomplished.  At the same time, if guildies need to drop out for real life stuff then it has very minimal impact on the group.  Their spot is filled almost instantly and we can continue on with no problems.

Three, it is super easy to get a high enough gear level to be able to access this new tool.  372 minimum item level is required and you can achieve that easily by running the new 5 person dungeons less than 3 times.  Ask any of the officers or raiding members if you need help or advice on how to get the gear if you'd like to participate.

All in all, this will be the first time in a long while that our guild is going to see new raid content immediately.  We already got a group of 9 of us queue'ed in there this past Sunday and we killed all 4 bosses in under 2 hours.  While I was super excited that that many were eligible to enter in only a few days time, I would be ecstatic if even more can go. 

I will be posting a group LFR queue event on the calendar every Sunday (barring getting too busy at work again).  Anyone who has at least a 372 item level is more than welcome and we almost certainly will have room for everyone since there is only a 25 mode for the LFR.  For the first month I will be posting the first half of the raid (The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple) and on the fifth week I will post the 2nd half, which includes the Deathwing fight, so we can see how that goes.  There are 4 boss fights in each half of the raid.

Please, please ask me or others around you if you need help getting eligible to enter.  Gearing up was long, arduous and intimidating up until now but that completely changed with 4.3.  I promise you will be surprised at how easy and convenient it is now.  Look for the video postings to start popping up on this forum soon.  It is not required to watch them to attend our event, only suggested.

December 06, 2011, 06:14:02 PM
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We had some good times last Sunday! :)

Thanks for running these Soli.