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Author Topic: Walmart SUCKS!!!!!  (Read 340 times)

December 07, 2011, 12:29:34 PM


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NEVER again will I make a purchase from walmart.com...

So I pre-ordered my collector's edition on October 6th and thought I was in the clear for heavenly goodies at my new digital vendor and all the other perks that came with the SAHWEET CE... then... I get an email...

In checking your My Account order history for the order(s) below, you may have noticed that one or more items show a status of cancelled but you did not receive a cancellation email for this item(s).  Please disregard the status as it is an error.  (If you received a cancellation email for an item, then that item has in fact been cancelled.)

OK... not sure what this is all about... I didn't get a cancellation email so... it must be (as it says) an error... Until I get a refund from my wallyworld purchase today... F*************CK!!!!! /wrist

It's ok... maybe I can call them and maybe they can explain that this was all just a big misunderstanding and everything's cool and I'll still have my sweet vendor and my cute li'l mouse droid and kick ass statue and everything else can still be delivered to my door step...

I'm sorry, I wish I could place the blame with someone else but it looks like we're all sold out as of... (get this...) October 6th

What? What the fuck does that mean dickhead? No mouse droid? No CE in-game store? No damn statue?



I hate walmart...

Heh... lucky me. All this after the cut-off on CE pre-orders... eh... looks like the dicks  saved me $70 bucks. Maybe I'll have better luck with the expansions. *sniffle*

December 08, 2011, 11:48:46 AM
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I had the same thing happen to me with Gamestop.  There are 5 stores in our area.  I went to one early one for a CE order, and they said the one furthest from me (about a 35 mile drive from home) had some still avaliable.  So, I go down there, put my $10 down, and drive away happy.
Now, first clue should have been my preorder code.  I never got one.  They said it would be emailed to me (they had the right address).  Called a few times about it when Orinn reminded me about the code, to have them tell me it should be emailed soon.  Two days ago I called when they announced the early access, and they tell me......get this.....I had no preorder in their system?

Still got the receipt, drove down there to show them.  They apologize, but tell me they are out of the CE and they cannot place any more preorders for even the regular.  I've had my share of disagreements with Gamestop, but still shop there cause a good friend of mine works at one (not where I had the trouble).  Probably just preorder it from Origin unless I can find a retailer who still has some available.