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Author Topic: Updates  (Read 1577 times)

March 02, 2012, 10:43:27 AM

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As always we will upate to the next Minecraft version when the next version of bukkit has release, Minecraft tried converting the map file which I noticed caused some minor block damage in some places. I did save the map file as of Feb 28th so if necessary I can do a rollback.

The current state - server is still running 1.1 (craftbukkit R6) I was able to restore some functionality (essentials) you have warp commands back ect... I'll continue to work on things as I get time and plugin updates come out.

Because of how many plugins are broken this time around and I have a world map saved I might consider just  updating to 1.2 vanilla for a few days. I'll keep you updated.

Why are plugins broken if we didn't update?

Well we both did and didn't update, while the Minecraft version remains 1.1 our plugins interface "Bukkit" released a pre 1.2 update (also known as Revision 6) just prior to 1.2 coming out. I don't think they intended the release dates to be that close together but thats how it worked out breaking a lot of plugins. Authors don't want to waste time updating for a pre-release when they haven't even updated for 1.2 yet which is why suitable replacements for plugins are not present yet.

Will I update to 1.2 soon?

We will not be updating terribly soon, were waiting until a version of Craftbukkit for 1.2 is released and some necessary plugins that go with it.

But I already Updated to 1.2 and now I cant play?

I will be hosting a zip file on the site with the vanilla 1.1 Minecraft.jar file and instructions on how to install it to revert back to 1.1 so you can play. Probably up by tonight.
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March 03, 2012, 07:52:08 AM
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i cant play the server because i updated my minecraft, update the server
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