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Author Topic: Character idea for Pathfinder  (Read 1766 times)

June 18, 2014, 09:30:08 PM

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Wanted to share my character idea ;)

Moonlight danced on the leaves as they moved in the cool summer breeze. Brin sat quietly waiting in the shadows of a large yew tree watching them twist and turn in the pale light.   Slowly taking in the forest air around her, she filled her lungs with the scent of a nearby honeysuckle vine.  As she closed her eyes, she enjoyed this moment of freedom, listening to the hum of nocturnal insect song that filled the wood. 

Her ears twitched slightly, as they caught the sound of dried twigs breaking. With her eyes open now, she scanned the area, focusing to see in the darkness.  Her lips curved into a slight smile. It wouldn't be long now, she thought to herself.   Peering ahead through some barberry bushes in front of her, past a small moonlit clearing,  her eyes caught sight of a small flickering flame.  It appeared to be the start of a small fire next to another group of large trees.  She felt her heart beat faster with excitement and relief to see the dancing flames had returned to the same spot as the previous nights.  The shadows and cover from the bushes made her feel safe enough to stay hidden, but something kept pulling at her to move closer.   You don't need to see, just hear, she kept telling herself.   Her instincts kept her safely hidden for the moment.

As the small flames grew, she was close enough to see his silhouette adding larger branches to feed his campfire.  He was tall and thin, but graceful as he moved about.  Brin watched him as he cooked a bit of meat and ate it, hoping he would finish quickly.
After he finished eating, he reached into his pack and brought out a small wooden lute.  At first he played all the familiar songs she had heard him play in town.  She sat back against the rough bark of the tree, listening to the sweet notes fill the night air.   He was gifted, better than any other musician or teacher she had ever heard.

Stopping for a moment he took a drink from a leather skin and slowly looked across the clearing in her direction with a glint in his eye.  Then he turned back and stared into the dancing flames while he started to play a new song.  As the melody drifted up into the night sky, a light mist formed around his lute and grew into long tendril like fingers, reaching across the clearing, towards Brin.  When the music reached Brin's ears, she sat upright, and a chill ran down her spine.  This was what she had waited all night for, a new song. But this song was different.  She peered through the bushes again, watching him play in the firelight, her heart beating faster.. she was captivated.

January 16, 2019, 10:40:27 AM
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Hrmmm... The Spook Squad with the teachings of Psyscape, interesting. How do you think such a character would stack up mechanically?