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Author Topic: Added Features Thread  (Read 3018 times)

April 30, 2016, 09:56:45 AM

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Spoiler Tags

You can now create collapsible spoiler tags around content to prevent it from being seen until clicked on.

Spoiler: show
You can also include things like videos or pictures as normal by dropping in the link.

Here is the format in which you will need to use them...

[spoiler]content here[/spoiler]

Advanced Spoiler Tags.

[spoiler {params}]content here[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Some Text]content here[/spoiler]

The {params} section may be any of the following parameters:
  • text - Replaces default "Spoiler" text in the header.
  • quote - Text that follows the "Spoiler" text in the header.  Must be in quotes.
  • show - Replaces default "Show" text in the header.
  • hide - Replaces default "Hide" text in the header.
  • guests - Flag to show spoiler to guests or not.  May be n, no, false, y, yes, or true.


[spoiler text=Custom Text]Here is my spoiler[/spoiler]
Custom Text: show
Here is my spoiler

[spoiler quote=" >>"]Here is my spoiler[/spoiler]
Spoiler >>: show
Here is my spoiler

[spoiler text=Game of Thrones show=SEE SPOILER! hide=Vanish!]Here is my spoiler[/spoiler]
Game of Thrones: SEE SPOILER!
Here is my spoiler
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