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Welcome to Guild Forge! This site is designed to be a portal and resource for all the games we play as a group. Initially we started as a single guild back in Ultima Online but over the years we have maintained a presence through many different games. This site aims to bring all those interests under one roof.

Blackwater Seawolves

World of Warcraft [Alliance]

The Blackwater Seawolves are a Casual Alliance side guild on the Argent Dawn server.

Our Guild was founded on nothing more than a few people who became great friends with a desire to have a good time and perhaps do a little Role Playing. From that foundation we grew meeting others along the way who share our same (somewhat) unique perspective of the world.

So now you have heard a little about how we started but that doesn't tell the whole story of who we are now. Everyone has a little Rogue in em just some have a bit more than others. Don't be fooled into thinking we discriminate aginst some professions though as we have a number of Paladins and even a few priests within our ranks, after all every Rogue isn't a scoundrel and every Priest isn't a saint.

Under the leadership of Marak the Blackwater Seawolves have become a force to be reckon with in Azeroth, hiring out our services to others for a price our talents stretch from full scale battle's to assassinations, and even the ocassional drinking contest.

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Dark Path

World of Warcraft [Horde]

Dark Path is a Casual Raiding Horde side guild on the Argent Dawn server.

Our main staple of play is casual raiding but we dabble in a little bit of everything. Dark path is a level 25 Horde side guild led by Avariaa with a strong community thats been playing together for a long time. There are many members who have characters in both our Horde and Alliance guilds.

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