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Join us in steam chat online, you must have Steam Installed to make use of this feature.

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If your looking to join us you will need to register on the forums first but after that you can fill out an application for the guild your interested in. Drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

Welcome to Guild Forge! This site is designed to be a portal and resource for all the games we play as a group. Initially we started as a single guild back in Ultima Online but over the years we have maintained a presence through many different games. This site aims to bring all those interests under one roof.

New Site Problems?

Posted on Apr 24 in News

I heard that some people were not getting redirected to the new site when they tried going to www.cosmicfools.com, if that's the case you need to clear your browser cache.  The Error 500 you were getting was because you probably had a cached page that was trying to visit a site that was shut down. I temporarily re-enabled the old site so people that haven't cleared the cache will see something but going forward everything has been moved here.

Also there may have been an issue with the java script on this sites main page which was designed to recognize mobile devices for a hand full of people which was looping them back to the forums when they tried to view the main page; I turned that off until I can find a more robust solution that works for everyone.

Site Overhaul

Posted on Mar 30 in News

The old cosmicfools.com site has moved; our new home is guildforgeonline.com

The original site had become a mass of partial constructions and unfinished designs splintered into multiple pages some for games we no longer have a presence in.  I went with a more minimalist theme and tried making it more useful to view as a singe page.

The good news is after the forum upgrade I was able to move just about everything over so all our posts and pictures have been preserved including your accounts so you can log in with the same information you always have. I did clean up a lot of outdated accounts though so some of you may need to register again if you haven't visited the forums for quite some time.

Also visiting www.guildforgeonline.com on a mobile device should launch you into the mobile forum view.

Account Cleanup

Posted on Aug 31 in News

Just a heads up I purged our overgrown account database from 27 pages down to 6; most of those were spam accounts.  (also added a few new spam checks)  I tried to be as surgical as possible so if you had any posts on your account I left it alone also if your had logged in within the last year you are also safe.