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Author Topic: !!! LATE BREAKING NEWS !!!  (Read 861 times)

August 24, 2012, 09:45:41 PM

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Hello, this is your Captain speaking.
Please return all chairs to their upright positions and fold up the tray tables.
Buckle your seat belts we are about to launch....

I will start the Guild as soon as I can get in and situated.  I will be starting as a Norn by the name of Bratec (maybe... unless someone else steals it ...  :) )

Please post your char names in this thread so's I can adds ya (or message me in game!)

I will be starting with a small core group of Officers.  The initial plan is called .... getting your feet wet.  We will not be wholesale inviting any and everybody to the guild, we will start with those of you who are already BWSW (BSW... BWS... whatevah) members and close family members.  We will run for a couple weeks that way so we can get oriented and figure out exactly how we want to move forward - get familiar with the game, that kind of stuff.  We will consider apps by others but people applying must hang with us for a period of time prior to getting an invite - sort of a trial/getting to know you thing.

I plan on setting up at least a weekly WvW (read PvP) run.

Thank you for your attention,

That is all.