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Title: gearing up
Post by: arabeth on November 26, 2014, 04:35:31 PM
Here's a GREAT guide: (

One thing to note:  you can only wear THREE epic crafted items on your character!  This includes weapons, jewelery, armor, etc.  These items are all "Unique: Warlords crafted (3)", and that's what that means.  So pick carefully!

Besides dungeons - probably the fastest way to get to 630 - you have 3 crafted items and Apexis Crystal gear.  Both of these are long, slow grinds, but have the advantage that you don't have to put in that much time/effort per sitting.  (Well, the Apexis dailies are pretty horrible if you're not in a group.)  The legendary ring (640) only takes 1 normal dungeon to start, so that's nice, too.
Title: Re: gearing up
Post by: Jazrael on December 04, 2014, 08:43:48 AM
We've been going into heroic dungeons with 625-635 gear and keep wiping due to the tank being slammed so hard I can't heal him before he dies...  what is going on? 

Do we need 640 gear for heroics.. are we broken or are the dungeons?   
Title: Re: gearing up
Post by: arabeth on December 04, 2014, 12:33:16 PM
I was doing dungeons at 611 and surviving without a problem - although to be fair I was also the lowest DPS, usually, and I have only done about 4 heroic dungeons.  (Also I use Deadly Boss Mods and I KNOW that addon helps, at least for DPS.)  You never know what the other people have, but anything above 615 should be pretty solid, and if 625+ is killing you, then something is not working right.  Honestly PUG groups tend to just carry people so maybe try a few PUGs and see if that helps everyone learn the fights.  I will say I've not tried Upper Blackrock Spire on heroic yet, and it's supposed to be the hardest one.  And my sample size is so small maybe I just got lucky several times in a row.  But otherwise I'm not sure.  :(  (This + constant abuse is why I will never heal again!)
Title: Re: gearing up
Post by: arabeth on December 04, 2014, 12:44:29 PM
Also, when it comes to crafting...

Normally, the best choices for your 3 crafted pieces would be chest, helm, and legs, because armor stat budget looks like this:

chest = helm = legs
  > shoulders = feet = hands = waist
    > cloak = wrists

However, thanks to the anniversary event, you can run Molten Core (as soon as you have ilevel 615) and get a 100% guaranteed 640 helm (and a cool mount).  This takes at LEAST 2 hours with a good group, probably more like 2.5 with a decent group, and it goes up from there.  But it's possible!  (Sorry Jaz!)

Additionally, you can use Apexis crystals to buy legs (and helms), hands and waist, and wrists and cloaks.  These are all slots that can then be upgraded again for more crystals, although the price eventually gets to haha levels (it takes 36,500 to upgrade legs all the way, for example).

Since legs are so expensive, and shoulders / feet aren't available from crystals, my suggestion on crafted items are chest, legs, and shoulders or feet (whichever you're lowest on when you get a chance).  However keep in mind you can get 630 - 636 gear from heroics and 640+ from raids, so if you plan on going that route it's probably better to wait and see what you're missing when you are raid-ready.

Just throwing that out there!
Title: Re: gearing up
Post by: arabeth on December 05, 2014, 08:52:33 PM
Honestly PUG groups tend to just carry people
Did a few more PUGs and it's actually kind of crazy; I'm at ~625 ilevel and TANKS are out DPSing me.  One tank did over twice my DPS (twice all the DPSs' DPS).  So yeah, I think some people are just WAY over-geared for heroics already.  They can definitely carry you, although I'm not sure you learn much about the actual dungeon that way.
Title: Re: gearing up
Post by: Biku on December 08, 2014, 12:58:43 AM
We have not had too many issues on our heroic runs, granted Ryga is geared and a pally tank.  I will agree right now the way it is tanks are doing a ton of DPS compared to actual DPS.

But a few things I noticed in heroics with pug tanks, if they are not geared or manage their CD's correctly, they get eaten fast.  Also some trash you really need to CC yet. (this part is referring to Jaz's post)  So if they are taking more damage than you can heal through, and it sounds like you are 625+ geared, they are doing something wrong.

Some pally tanks I've seen are also not adjusting to the changes and favoring the wrong stats, I cannot speak for non-pally tanks, but our stat priority has changed.