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Author Topic: More Updates  (Read 1592 times)

August 22, 2011, 11:11:48 AM

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The updates continue on the site
  • Imported the Player Picture Gallery to the new forum gallery
  • Resized the thumbnails to a slightly larger size
  • Increased avatar size by 20 pixil's height and width - happy Marak :)
  • Added a calendar function on the sidebar - it's capable of waring of upcoming events, holidays and birthdays. Guild Members and other trusted groups are capable of adding events. Only players who have access to the forums where the events are posted will be able to see them
  • Generated a random image from the forum media gallery in the sidebar, also added "lightbox" support to the main page (still buggy in IE)
  • Building the new forum Structure - there is now a guild group which you can apply for or when I have time I will simply add the appropriate people, Slowly I am building the new forums (you may not see them until your in the guild group or until I complete the updates)
  • Still in the works - developing an alternate theme for the forum
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