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Author Topic: Latest Updates  (Read 1399 times)

December 24, 2011, 11:09:36 AM

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  • You can no longer build or break blocks inside the castle
  • New players now spawn at the correct location
  • Item prices in the castle store have been adjusted to reflect the rate at which you can acquire wealth. (i.e. raised ;) )
  • The help command now properly displays the commands available to you instead of all 33 pages of useless commands.

Making Money
  • You can type /jobs for a list of jobs that are available
  • Typing /jobs join <jobname> will enlist you in that job
  • You will be paid according to what job you signed up for, such as a hunter is paid for killing mobs or a digger is paid to dig and remove material.
  • You can have up to 3 jobs and you can leave a job you do not like at any time however doing so will cause you to lose all levels in that job.
  • You can gain a maximum of 10 levels in any job (this may be increased latter), type /jobs stats to see your current values. The higher your level the more money you got for performing those actions.
  • Players may now have their own PLAYER RUN SHOPS, to achieve this you must drop a half block (slab) of any kind, then crouch (hold shift) and right click the slab with the item you want to sell in hand. Open your chat bar and type "finite" then choose a price and finally how many of the items you would like to sell (they must be in your inventory). Any other player can click on the shop just like the ones in the castle store however for player run shops the owner of the shop gets any money related to purchases.

  • There is now a 3 minute cooldown between all teleports & a 3 second cast time, this includes the warp, home, spawn & tp commands
  • You may now set up to 3 home locations
  • I plan on building a network of warp points
  • Use of the warp command will cost $1000 per warp
  • Use of public Warp Sign's (signs you can click to warp) will cost nothing

  • Double tapping the forward arrow key will cause you to break into a run

  • The plots around the castle are available for personal use, if you would like a plot that only you can build on send Laz a tell in game or in the forum PM and I'll set up a plot for you.

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