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Author Topic: Ask Mr. Robot Strikes Back!  (Read 401 times)

March 02, 2012, 09:12:51 AM

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Ask Mr. Robot is a wonderful tool for optimizing WoW gear. It'll look your character up on the WoW armory, and tell you what gear you could be getting for what kind of stats you'd need (raiding, pvp, etc).

Now they've done a version for The Old Republic. Of course, there's no armory that EA has made public, so the Mr. Robot website has you create an armory entry stored on their site. The upside of this is, there's now a public armory for TOR characters. It's better organized than Torhead or Darth Hater's websites are, too.

Check it out. I'll be making an entry for Runio and all my alts too, when I get home today.