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Author Topic: Minecraft 1.6  (Read 1917 times)

July 06, 2013, 12:24:20 PM

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As usual the server will not be updated for quite some time until 1.6 is well established and respective mods are updated so as a precaution always keep a copy of your 1.5 jar file as a backup.  After the 1.6 update this won't be as crucial unless you like to mod your client a lot. (see below)

How to find your Minecraft.jar file

The easiest way is to choose Start > Run > Type in "%appdata%/.minecraft/bin" (without the quotes); find the file "minecraft.jar" and make a copy like "minecraft-1.5.2.jar"

What's different with the 1.6 Minecraft Launcher

Well for staters you will notice that you have the ability to make profiles now if multiple people play Minecraft on your computer this will be useful to quickly switch.  Each profile is configurable and allows you to set things like command line java parameters as well as what version of the game will launch.  Thats right you can rollback your client version now by just choosing it from a drop down in your profile.  So Timmy can open up and play 1.6 and when you log in you'r playing 1.5.2.  This does come with some drawbacks as it's very difficult to apply any mods to the client because the new launcher overwrites your jar files.  However if you don't mod then you can update to 1.6 now and rollback the client to 1.5.2 in the menu.

What new in 1.6

+ Added Horses
+ Added Donkeys, Mules
+ Added Horse Armor
+ Added Leads
+ Added Carpets
+ Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay
+ Added Block of Coal
+ Added Name Tags (item)
+ Added Hay Bales
* Texture packs are now “resource packs" that also can hold sound etc
* Food meter is now drained when healed by full food meter
* You can’t destroy blocks with a sword in creative mode
- Removed Herobrine